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You currently have 3-6″ of vertical leap inside of you right now that you don’t even realize! This Free “Instant Vertical Leap” Video Series will teach you exactly how to tap into those extra inches immediately! Most see up to 4″ their very first workout!
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The Daily Digital comes straight to your email box every single morning. Inside of each issue you will find the most potent, and powerful vertical jump training secrets, tips, and workouts! The is the ONLY daily Vertical Jump training newsletter online with a scope of over 55,000 serious and dedicated vertical jump athletes!
The Extreme Explosion
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This “Cheat Sheet” is a step by step guide to get you jumping higher faster than you would even expect. This guide will cover the exact approach I take as a coach at the Division 1 Level, when I am training my athletes to higher vertical leap.

Remember,It’s all 100% Free! You have come to this page for a reason…you are a serious athlete who wants to jump higher, and you want the top vertical jump training online to do so. This is what I can offer you as your coach. I obviously can’t promise you’ll add 20 inches to your vertical leap just by signing up – like anything else, this takes hard work and dedication! But, what I can promise you is that if you stay dedicated, and are willing to work, these vertical jump training techniques will dramatically improve your vertical jump and overall athletic ability. Go ahead and register now!

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I have so much respect for Coach Adam, he has helped me accomplish my dream of playing professional level basketball and jumping higher than I ever expected I could. Adam is truly into helping athletes accomplish their goals, and brings only the world’s best vertical jump and athletic training to you every day! It’s an honor and a pleasure to train under him.- Nikola Novakovic

Adam has helped me so much with athleticism and vertical over the past couple years. He has taken me from a flat footed guy who only dreamed to dunk to increasing my athleticism and explosiveness greatly! Even reaching the level of dunking in games! He has also helped me become one of the top high jumpers in my region in Virginia! If you listen to Adam you will see incredible success, and jump high!…- Shawn Gardner

“Adam helped me reach my high jumping goals and earn a college scholarship to a Division 1 University! I even was ranked Top 5 in the United States in the High Jump my senior year of high school at Seneca High in Seneca, SC” - Marcus Goodine

Newsletter FAQ  |  Privacy Policy  |  Disclaimer    

This is key…

Increasing your vertical jump is tough. It takes hard work, dedication, and a well thought out, proper plan. If you don’t do ALL of these things every day you train, you will not succeed.

If you are looking for some silly hyped training program, platform shoes, or “jump higher” pills… you’ve come to the wrong place completely, and I recommend leaving this website right now. This is legit training for legit athletes.

But if you’re the type of athlete who truly understands the importance of dedication, hardwork, and having the proper step by step plan to succeed, and also understands there are no shortcuts… This training is 100% for you.

Go ahead and sign up now, and let’s start training you the right way.

Lastly, I don’t care what level you are at right now. Whether you have been training your vertical leap for years across countless programs and training schemes, or a young beginner with goals to be a high jumper! If you are willing to work and be dedicated for me, I am willing to work and be dedicated to you! We will work together to accomplish your goals!

Sign up right now!

- Adam Linkenauger